When You've Got Horrible Taste In Style But The Execution Isn't Half Bad

Uncategory Sep 07, 2018 10:00

Taking hot glue too far.

Crystal groceries at Swarovski store

Whatever gets you to the office?

Just sailing by y'know, minding his own business

Custom detail on a hearse.

And he still can't figure out why he never gets past a first date.


He's got some baggage.

If Vesuvius erupted today.

The shading is great, but fucking no.

It's done well, but it's not 1975.

Plates with ants printed on them...

Baby doll face mask.

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

When you gotta Slav even when you're eating dinner.

Speaking of tables...

Death gets frisky.

A marbled BMW.

When you feel left-out for having clear skin.

Fucking cat people.

Get the McFuck away from me.

Always watching...ALWAYS.

Literally shitting on gold.

Just what nobody asked for!

The sunflower is so he looks friendly.

For when you gotta emo at 9 but dance on a pole at 11.

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