When You've Got A Real Stupid Idea And No One Tells You Not To Do It

Uncategory Sep 14, 2018 10:00

She's down for the count.

Hold my Cosmo while I attempt the Flowrider

He's lucky he isn't dead.

Mounting a wild horse

Wrong end, idiot.

Death is easier than facing embarrassment.

Guess I'll die ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That probably hurt.

HMB while I become a dolphin

A graceful brick.

Hold My Cosmo and I'll show you my best dive


To be fair, at first glance it's not the WORST idea.

Just lie there and ponder your decision buddy.

Who knew chicken nuggets could hurt so good?

Clever alternative to a dick punch.

With friends like this, who needs a kick in the dick


HMC while I take a sip...

He just keeps going and going...

Tony Flop

Everything that goes up must come down.

That was certainly something.

Zero grip strength.

She's going...going...going...oh fuck is she dead?

Right in the dick.

Drunk being a Drunk

She wasn't expecting to be disarmed that fast.

HMC, I wanna try it for real.

Oddly went better than expected.

Labor Day weekend is for heroes like this daredevil

A gymnast she is not.

wait for it

Honestly fucking brilliant.

Girls tend to think they're heavier than they are.

Girl "Used to play rugby in high school", thinks she can tackle 315 pound college football player

Watch your step!

Not embarrassing at all

Wow. Just wow.

Trying to do a flip on a skateboard

Idiot is in a CANOE.

Shotgunning gone right

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