When You Try Your Hardest To Get Everything Perfect But Life Finds A Way To Ruin It Anyway

Uncategory Jul 24, 2018 10:00

Not quite...

Timing is everything.

Serves you right!

But he went down in history!

That did not go as planned.

Nice try, clickbait.

A question for the ages.

Pervs all around.

That's not how that works.

to trace his face

22 or 12?

Anddd I'm depressed.

Har har har.

Close enough!

He does it better.

Give it to me!


CFL coach in a dire struggle with his headset

Close, but no cigar.

To Smack It

Useful life skills.

Looks like it's from 2000 too.

You tried to make a joke, and you failed.

Don't touch butts.

He grabs her ass, so she drops his ass.


Gets the point across.


Selfies aren't for everybody.

No color is safe.

Not even a good attempt.

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