When You Try To Be Fashionable But You Have The Absolute Worst Taste In Everything

Uncategory Oct 04, 2018 06:00

A gun iPhone case -- tryna get shot? This is for you.

Gun Phone Case

She would be hot, otherwise.

Need a hand?

Someone's dedicated.

A really good Top Gun paintjob in Norway.

Anybody want this shirt? Anybody?

Mom must be so proud.

Cab out of service? No problem!

Nightmare fuel.

Dixie cup car, great paint but WHYYYY?

A reverse fade.

A gun with a mouth probably won't shoot as accurately, but if you asked for it in the first place you probably don't care.

Who doesn't love a good brick exterior?

Tron McQueen.

That furry culture leaks into every part of your life.

Coke truck or poop vehicle? You decide.

He's dead so they put him on a throne at his funeral.

Lucky guy.

Shit at your own risk.

Cock lamp? Yep, cock lamp.

I've never known how bad I wanted one of these until now.

The holy trinity.

An iPhone headstone.

When you ask your stylist for "The Barcode."

Super well done, but gross nonetheless.

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