When You Took The Trash Out For The Night But It Keeps Wandering Back Into The House

Uncategory Jul 31, 2018 09:00


Nieva Mara

Deserves to go to hell.

How'd he even fit them between the seats?


Some people just can't win.

Four douchebags threw flour over a poor old woman.

When you leave the windows cracked so the whole lot gets to enjoy your stench.

They look the part.


Judge Judy > God

He picked out his bestttt hat to get married in!




If your kids can't behave then other people should be allowed to discipline them.

My point still stands.

Is it Halloween yet?

Genius, just turn the baby around so it can breathe.

Translation: dad left.

That's probably why people think you're fat.

Be nice to nature.

When you're too cheap to buy an actual child leash...

When someone forgets their blow on the bus.

Could've just said "yard sale."

At church, of course.

Seems fair.


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