When You Think You've Seen It All, Then Life Hits You With The Unexpected

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It doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you reach your destination it's fineeee.


At first you think "gay," then you realize Goofy's wife was cheating on him with the milk man.

Goofy doing chores for his wife

Bruce Wayne is the definition of daddy issues.

One of the deepest animated scenes ever

Double-sided tape is a worthwhile investment.

When she says she puts pineapple on pizza.

Not today, bitch...

Still hit two targets, technically.

"Do I feel lucky?"

Surprise! It's a stillbirth.

Best gender reveal party ever

Ladies, he's single.

Hammer time.

Right up the schnoz.

The Dining Nun

Ducks vs. cow -- who ya got??

The Great Standoff

Littering should be a reason to go straight to hell.

Littering out of a Taxi

Shitting pants in 3...2...1...

That moment you realize your canoe is stuck on an alligators back

Fooled ya!

Can't Touch This

He's part feline.

What a little climber

Learning that life sucks the hard way.

Dad reflex


Y'know, I see the logic, yet...

Skating Tricks

He sucks the soul right outta your butt.

Exorcist Demon Spider

Right now, inside every single one of us...there is a skeleton. Mind-blown just like this guy, right?

Out of all of these, this was probably the most unexpected.

Why you should always use the Rule of Thirds when photographing wildlife

Hippos kill more people every year than sharks, because people think hippos are friendly when they're actually VERY territorial and aggressive.

Hippo Charge on Chobe River

Those Australian spiders will getcha.

So I travelled to Australia

Eat it anyway.

Stealing Some Jello...


Tap Art

Snake eyes!

Did I win?

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