When You Think You've Got The Smartest Kid Around But Man Oh Man Were You Wrong

Uncategory Oct 18, 2018 06:00

There is ONE hole and he found it.

Round and round he goes

She likes to live dangerously.

Nuts, head, head.

When your kid tries to support a cause.

The genetic lottery is exactly that: a lottery.

Like putting on an eyemask and calling it a disguise.

Every person who works in middle management.

Kid trying to put his balls away

Can you spot the future serial killer in the class?

Mom said to play outside but she didn't tell me what to do out there, so...

Spotted a kid honing his Fortnite skills outside my apartment

Jade with the parenting power moves.

Someone come claim your idiot.

Whenever I try to be a carnival master

How did he get stuck in the stool? Good question.

Fuck it, why not?


He was TRYING to do you a favor...

Fuck this shit, I'm out!!

Just what every kid loves!


He is in a different league of his own

This is your life now, you have to live it.

Be happy it was cheap.


Can't get mad with that logic...

My friend is an elementary school teacher

And then the door slowly crushed his windpipe as it descended, his mother looking on in horror while dad laughed because his kid is fucking stupid.

Indiana Jones

Blame it on big brother next time, it's more believable.

Serves him right.

Lie to yourself and go with genius.

Good boy.

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