When You Think You've Got Balls Of Steel But It's Really Just Brains Of Mush

Uncategory Oct 31, 2018 06:00

Actual mush for brains.

"Why are my kids morons..."

The disappointment..



when you get caught being a ho - more in comments

We all saw where this was going.

A job shockingly well-done!

Arrow Fishing

Someone's got skills.

I don't know what she expected.

Look what I can do

No wonder it smells like pussy in here.

Not even a good try.

Girl attempts to run out onto field, things go sideways quickly.

Surprise! It's a dick.

Right into the locker.

a parkour pro showing off


The best ideas involve Hoverboards

I don't think his moves worked.

It's a big one!

Hold My Bait

Colder than expected, huh?

Polar bath

Right in the nuts!

Real thirsty, huh?

Nobody saw THAT one coming..../s.

None of that looked like fun. None of it.

While i do a cool trick

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