When You Think You'll Look Cool Fighting Stuff But You Just Come Out Looking Like A Moron

Uncategory Jun 20, 2018 09:00

That went well.

Saving This for a Rainy Day.

Don't run from a falling tree in a straight line.

If a tree falls in the forest, and this guy isn't around to get hit by it, does it make a sound?

Dogs over cats any day.

Cat vs. Christmas tree.

What a pussy.

Warehouse Warrior

Bones of glass.

I'm gonna kick this stair railing just cause.

Worst neighbors ever.

Guy punches electricity box and causes a black out for the entire block

The elevator will always win.

Flash. Who??

Not the most subtle escape attempt, but...

Inmates try getting through the visitation room in New Mexico

It's not even locked.

How to get through a glass door

That went well...not.

Taking a beer straight to the head

This is what raid is for.

Dadzilla vs. Mothra

We've all been there.

Seems like someone got locked out.

He's alive, but his dignity is gone.

Morning jump


falling in style.


"Wait, am I doing this right?"

Bad idea, bad execution.

Not sure how this could have ever gone right

When the pre-workout hits.


And that's how you get arrested.

Robber thinks he's locked in bank.

Watching people jump on tables never gets old.

HMB while I do a gainer through this table

Looks like attempt #2 went as well as #1.

HMB while I am destroying this wall !

"Oh yeah? Fuck you too!"

Instant Karma. Round 2 (GIF)

I doubt he learned his lesson.

Instant Karma strikes again

Something like eight people die from doing this every year.

Idiot fights Refrigerator.

So hardcore.

\m/ Just some metal fans! \m/

Hump away lil' lady.

This girl has a strange way of fighting.

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