When You Take Out The Garbage But It Keeps Finding Its Way Back Into The Garage

Uncategory Sep 25, 2018 11:00

Pro-life balloon but she's smoking while pregnant.

Burying the lede much?

They don't want you in Japan either, dude.

Stupid looking for confirmation that being stupid isn't stupid.

Hitler looks like he's been huffing gas out of the chambers.

I know this is trashy but damn I'm proud.

You know you're poor when you're stealing PLASTIC wine glasses...

Genuinely not funny.

'Is it laundry day?' "Depends."

God selectively loves everybody.

The pants thing is out of control.

Shockingly, not Walmart.

Outlined like she's in a video game, practically.

Things you should keep to yourself for $200, Alex.

Tourists are assholes.

When the parents are determined to ruin the kids.

Shocking she gets ANY dms.

Your kid is not a fashion accessory.


Maybe keep that thought to yourself next time.

When you see it...

So now they'll piss in the OTHER corner.

Might as well put your job posting in black marker on a bathroom stall.

Don't tell that story at the wedding.

$1.50 hot dogs are worth the tattoo.

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