When You Take A Deep Breath Of Fresh Air And Gag Because It’s Full Of Trash

Uncategory May 21, 2018 09:00

Poor kid.

Strip club during graduation week.


Pointless graffiti on beautiful nature.

Taking a sex doll on a date to Walmart, nice.

Brock Turner is shit.

Great life choices.

Someone put gum on the stop button on a bus.

Packing your kids' schoo lunch...

Stop sharing.

Still single.

She looks great though!

I envy people that are photogenic

Gotta get that angle!

Take your kid to work day.

Facebook is an STD.

Still a virgin.


Property prices at zero.

Try harder.

Don't let kids suck on you.

But WHY?

Proud parents.

Forever immortalized in the yearbook.

Killin' it!


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