When You Start To Finally Notice The Oddly Terrifying Things In Everyday Life

Uncategory Sep 26, 2018 11:00

Beautiful, but creepy.

Perfectly carved mini skulls made from pearls

That is how you drown. Do not wanna drown, at all.

Slow wave under the ice

Remind me not to get bitten by a snake.

If you've wondered what snake venom does to your blood...

Get back on all fours!

Something unsettling about animals walking on two legs

A friendly albino gecko, but it's still creepy.

Winter is here

Kind of gross how quick that was...

? The speed of this Crested Gecko hatching. ?

Could've gone all day without this.

Leela cosplay

Only in Asia.

What if this is a real cat transformed half way to a human

I think I'll walk.

Your carriage is here...

Crucified Elmo at the secondhand store.

Zuckerberg has been dead inside for years.

Makes your skin crawl a bit.

Harvey Weinstein in this picture with Emma Watson

Needs more fur.


Uncanny Valley

$47 too much.


Realistic Thomas the Tank Engine.

The reflection from the notebook on the lamp.


Wedding bands of holocaust victims, circa 1945

The way the dirt is sitting makes it look like people are hanging from the tree.

HALLOWEEN: The Return Of Tinky Winky

I'll be seeing YOU in my nightmares later for sure :)

Little girl mask

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