When You Spend Hours Designing Something Just To Realize It’s A Piece Of Crap

Uncategory May 16, 2018 09:00



Good advice all around.

Most people hold the stick, don't they?


Making playing cards minimalist for no reason.

...but you can still win inside the box.

A steal at $180!!

Um, you mean "bonus tubing accessory."


This fake wet newspaper was so effective people didn't pick them up because they thought they were ruined.

Just take the wrapper off.

So close...yet not at all.

Questionable at best.

Menu reads like it's upside down, even though it isn't.

Brilliance is a grayscale pie chart.

That seems healthy.

You don't need to confirm your email on a PRINTED form.

Protip: don't use yellow paint on yellow paper.

Two-year-old's birthday cake.

For a $490 swimsuit you'd think you'd be able to swim in it.

No one thought this through.

A nice, comfy "chair" for the handicapped.


Yes, yes she did.

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