When You Skip Halloween Because Everyday Life Is Oddly Creepy Enough On Its Own

Uncategory Oct 29, 2018 09:00


They're just...floating.

There's something unsettling about the way whales sleep.

Grow some fur you creep.

When the abyss stares back.

When you try to take a cute photo during a thunderstorm and get a demon fondling your child instead.

Disney technicians fixing one of their animatronics.

A hammerhead shark x-ray.

Close your face.


The way a learning algorithm combined these two images.

The colonel has had better days.

Looks like it's time to exorcise your television.

Blind kitty is naturally spooky.

It's not scary but I get shivers watching...in a bad way.

He sees you when you're sleeping...

A dilapidated Stitch animatronic at Disney World.

Don't fall...

He's seen better days.

3D graffiti that's aboutta fuck your day up.

Whose idea was this fish??

When your tail light breaks and someone happens to be in the trunk...

A literal tooth fairy.

Playtime with grandma!

That's gonna be a "No" for me, dawg.

Don't fuck with the Queen's guard.

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