When You See Someone Try To Pull A Smooth Move And Have To Cringe At Their Failure

Uncategory Sep 28, 2018 10:00

That's gonna be a no for her, dawg.

A big swing and a miss

Bet she's got quads of steel though.

That is NOT how you properly ask for a nude.

Someone's insecure.



Why you gotta use bikini photos in your RIP post though?

What a creep.

I'll go with D, Block your number.

Furries shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Someone's repressing memories.

It just hurts to watch.

Gaming time Xd

Smooth like butter.

Duterte kissing a married woman onstage.

Some people have no chill.

Social media posts will not get you laid.

Literally the ugliest baby in the world if you aren't paying attention.

The least sexy thing in the world is asking for a kiss.

To seal the deal

Literacy is a rarity these days.

"It was on sale."

Hypocrites galore!

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