When You're Trying To Kill Time At Work So You Indulge Yourself In Some Fake History Memes

Uncategory Jun 26, 2018 10:00

Sometimes you just need blow.

Doctors Orders!

Never stop hustlin'.

Nailed it

So is that a "No"?

Seems valid.

Keeping her shit together since 1592.

We've all been there.

Same here!

Timing's gotta be right.

I live on a high horse.

Anddd it's ruined.


Get your shit together in time for Monday.

Fuckin' reposter.

So relatable.

Watch your mouth pudge.

I swear he closes the jars extra-tight out of spite...


Pass the tea!

Worst. Decision. Ever.


"The lighting could've been better."

I think we all have.

"What a shame, just try again tomorrow."

Get ready for some knowledge pwnage.

Can confirm, I do this alllll the time.

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