When You're Tired Of Regular Memes And Want DANK CHRISTIAN MEMES instead

Uncategory Sep 12, 2018 06:00



A true miracle.

Don't look now...

Some people need a reminder.

Nonsense animals.

Stupid virgin.

Asking the real questions here.

Find a man like Boaz.

You know you've taken a wrong turn when you find yourself praising Xenu.

She sees you when you're sleeping.


Probably made the cashier's day.


'Drake and Josh' was a gem.

As the Lord intended.

Life is too short for bad gay vatican sex.

Who knew?

Dumb but you gotta laugh.

So much dirtier.


Real talk.

Too accurate.

Nom nom nom.

A true warrior.

And that's how Bruce Banner really became the Hulk.

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