When You're Only Exercising So You Can Watch All The Fools Around You At The Gym

Uncategory Aug 07, 2018 09:00

When you're 100 you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Maybe if you're training to be an acrobat, but otherwise...

No words

Mentally preparing?


Rain or shine, you gotta practice...


Or he could just run.

secret footage of chinese preparing after hearing bolt is out

Girl's gotta eat.

You can always ask the employees for help if you don't know what you're doing.

"Yo Adrian!"

There's a seat y'know...

Gotta get that fuck practice in!

When you realize Valentine's Day is only a month away

She's skinny, so SOMETHING must be working...

Technically I guess this would work...

If you're so strong you can pull-up yourself through the ceiling, then goddamn good for you!

Mistakes were made at the hotel gym.

I like to think she's doing this for fun, not function.

Gym Creature

IF YOU CAN THINK IT YOU CAN (definitely not) DO IT.

So confused.

People suck.

A little too far.

The shit you see at Planet Fitness...


Dude has been doing this for 30 minutes

Again, ??????????

Working Out Wrong

A terrible idea from start to finish.

Jumping on weights isn't such a good idea

I mean if it works...

Personal trainer literally mounted the girl

To be fair, this looks fun as fuck.

When your trainer leaves you alone for 10 seconds

That neck ain't gonna headbang itself!

When Slayer is in town, and you gotta get your neck back into shape.

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