When You’re Living Your Best Life But Happen To Be Surrounded By Garbage 24/7

Uncategory Apr 19, 2018 09:00

Keep it in your pants mom!





When mom tries to justify smoking meth.

When you turn your medical service dog into a fucking circus.

In case you were tempted...

Whatever they're paying her, it's too much.

I hope they found a new baby sitter

Wtf did I just read...

Super necessary for all the yardwork he does.

And people wonder where our faith in humanity has gone.

Such a strange place for a proposal...

"I work at Chuck E. Cheese. This is a phot that was left in our photo booth."

Only the second worst decision she's made this lifetime.

Probably shouldn't be spawning anyway.

At least it rhymes.

Get in there realllll deep.

Extra fresh.

If you're a parent who does this, fuck you.


Never forget.

Now show us on the doll where Leslie hurt you...

I really wonder what Leslie did to hurt him.

Best souvenir ever!

Some Civil Forfeiture.

Awww, how -- WAIT.

I would rather be a hillbilly.

Smoking isn't cool kids, despite what this crappy tattoo wants you to think!

Andddd here's your daily dose of incest.

Someone did not think their love for "Rick and Morty" through.

Who doesn't love some pre-used deodorant?

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