When You're Hella Awkward But Somehow Manage To Make It Through The Day Anyway

Uncategory Aug 28, 2018 11:00


Jennifer Lawrence & Natalie Dormer

He tried.


Got 'em!

Master Of Pranksters

A very sound sleeper.

True Friendship.

Saving this prank for later!

Kid's got skill.

This kid balancing and stick handling

No one handled it well.

Christmas Card Surprise


And how is your week going ?

The ascension.

He Has Risen

She thinks she's about to meet the Spice Girls.


Reporter handled it beautifully.

Houston Handshake

Buzz isn't into it.

Buzz Aldrin doesn’t seem like a fan of the speech so far

Fucking white people.

White kids at a concert

At least they're bruised together.

This sums up every first date I've ever been on

Just a liiiittle aggressive...



It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Just make sure you look as smooth as this guy.

When you can't find your scissors.

I declare this university open

This fucking kid.

Obama Bin Laden, more like Obama Dead Laden

Nailed it!

Guy forces Drake to pull out

Can't waste food.

The big day landed on his cheat day

Too much.

Fortnite has taken over this child

We need another plague.

Listening to Cannibal Corpse like

I don't care how much practice it took, I still love it.

Maximum Bro level

Talent or tomfoolery?

Haters will say it's fake

Boredom kills.

When booty is life

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