When You’re Having A Bad Day But Realize ‘At Least I’m Doing Better Than These People!’

Uncategory Apr 30, 2018 09:00

If that's not racist then I don't know what is.

"Extremely pregnant."

At a Little Caesar's no less.

Seems like a fair deal.

And yet you still lived to tell the tale.

She's supposedly in the middle of a custody battle at the moment.

People who leave trash around = literal trash.

Creative but still not a good tattoo.

Another reason to visit Idaho!

The Dream of the late 90's is alive in Idaho

Those are tights.

When you decide to spray paint your car on a windy day in the parking lot at Walmart.

Who would wear this?

Asian guy with the A+ poker face.

Vegas public transit. At one point a ball fell out.

Burn it.

The rich kid version of trashy.

Who would buy these???


Yes ma’am

Costco is NOT a rental facility.

"Brazilian soccer fan tattoos his team's t-shirt...on his body...on real size...and broadcast the final touches through Facebook."

Best excuse for calling out of work ever!

What a catch!

Maybe you should stop having them then?

That poor couch...

A good friend will tell you when you're too fucked up -- this girl has no good friends.

Rescuing a drunk friend from the edge of the abyss

Wtf is wrong with people?

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