When You're Feeling Crafty But Can't Tell The Difference Between A Hammer And A Ham Sandwich

Uncategory Jul 20, 2018 09:00

If it's chair or no chair, I pick chair.

This is what happens when your boss realizes the broken office chair fits my bike seat tube

As long as it works...

This homemade Honda Goldwing/Chevy Cavalier hybrid I saw.

My brain hurts looking at this.

Palm trees don't grow in Indiana.

An open concept bathroom?

Willing to bet he's a dentist.

Just what everyone wants to see driving down the highway.

Contact paper does not belong in the fridge.

How to ruin your car's resale value.

This car is covered in carpet, except for the gas lid, which they covered in RED carpet.

Electric is the way of the future.

Ever wanted to die in a minor fender bender?

So majestic.

But why?

That flamingo wishes for death every day.

It's reallyyyy hot in Texas this week.

Note the painted tires.

Who would want this?

Poor "dog."

Prius pickup.

As long as it works...

Too hot to care.

You can't afford a $1 hand mirror?

Just get rid of the fence.

Fucking vegans.

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