When You’re Excited To Tackle That DIY Project But Everything Goes Horribly Wrong

Uncategory May 29, 2018 09:00

They certainly did this themselves, because who would want this in the first place?


Who would ever want this?

Trashy bong spotted at Goodwill.

Can't figure out plumbing? Pour the floor all over instead!

Why make life easy when you can be stupid and play on hard mode?

They painted window reflections on the wall...


You run into a lot of clowns, huh...?

Too poor for a band but fancy enough for the actual hardware.

An all-in-one tool was probably cheaper than attempting to make this.

When you HAVE to own a truck, no matter how big your garage is.

Taxidermy is not for amateurs.

Ugliest cabinets ever.

But why would you want cat ass all over your tables?

Smart as long as it doesn't break...which it will.

Great, now I'm disturbed.

Turning granite into marble.

"Marble" counter tops.

Technically it works, so it's not the WORST here :)

When a company says they're updating their privacy policy.

Hey ladiesssss!

Only paint leather couches with leather paint.

Whatever keeps the sun off your back.

A portable phone "charger!"

Dude must be freezing.

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