When You're Excited For Another Fun-Filled Week At Work Until You Remember You Work With Bottomfeeders

Uncategory Aug 06, 2018 09:00

Honesty will only get you so far.

Love is a burning thing....


So instead of dog shit, we get graffiti...

You should have to pass a competency test to be able to become a parent.

Pay your mortgage or buy some grillz, hmmm...

Some people have zero self-awareness.

Such poor taste.

"They all float down here."

We've reached a point where being Russian is better than voting blue?

Your own, probably.


Flatbed down, it's raining, and the dog is tied with a rope. Nice.

IT's actually painted pretty well, but why in the first place?

When you have to steal diapers from the dollar store... :(

Since when do meth and cereal taste the same?

And there wasn't even an emergency in sight.

Something tells me she likes cigs.


One day her boobs will rise again...

152 likes? Really?

Sounds like a fuckin' peach.

Apparently god is too good for scratch-offs.

Entitled much?

Honestly nightmarish.

It was not a good thing, mind you.

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