When You're Dying For A Good Comment Section So You Head Straight Over To PornHub

Uncategory Oct 02, 2018 09:00

This guy gets porn.

I don't care if it's fake

DickTricklez doing the Lord's work.

DickTricklez doing the Lord's work

Don't drop "calm down" unless you wanna get hit.

FBI got 'em.

No one wants to hear about your load.


Dude gets around.

That's on you, pal.


Open your ears dammit!

"Hey bitch suck my dick" is not a good pick-up line, ever.

Just watch the videos and keep your thoughts to yourself.

A "Choose your ending" type of porn.

Lucky guy.

Porn over common sense.

Please, we need an update.

Gotta work with a clear mind.


Seems logical.

Hitler's got some good points when it comes to PornHub.

Taking one for the team.


Roasted with a side of knowledge!

Your cat is judging you.

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