When You're Coasting Through The Workday And Need Fresh And Spicy Memes To Kill Time

Uncategory Aug 03, 2018 07:00

Get on home now ya hear?

Fuckin' hilarious, no sarcasm at all.

Nothing suspicious here!

The new Pokemon designs are pretty awful lately.

Oh hayyyyy!

Currently being guzzled by a Prius somewhere, I'm sure.

The hero we all need.

This is why you pay for the large -- free refills.

Venn diagram memes never get old.

Super professional.

Bionicles were the shit.

Welcome home, your baggage awaits you.

Someone was a mistake.

"But it's not that hot."


Whatever gets you up in the morning.

He 100% said this, no bamboozles.

Dude just can't keep his mouth shut.

Are you cleaning or making it dirtier?

Too accurate.

Again, accurate.

Or water instead of Natty Lite.

Can't fool you!

Guess he's gotta do it now.

And the world was ever the worse for it.

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