When You're About To Do Something Dumb And Think 'Eh, It'll Be Fine' But Everything Blows Up In Your Face

Uncategory Jun 19, 2018 09:00

Don't ride rollercoasters drunk.

WCGW if I get on this ride while I'm drunk

Anddd it's broken.

I'll just kick this pole for fun and giggles.

Stopping in the middle of a race...bad idea.

Stopping in the middle of a rowing race, WCGW?

Paint cans don't belong in fires.

I'M gonna put this paint can in my wood stove, WCGW

None of it went according to plan.

Base jumping into a railroad yard, WCGW?


Florida? Nope, Georgia!

Anyone with a brain could've guessed this would end poorly.

Ladder to bouncy castle

Fuck people who mistreat animals.

Got what he deserved.

When you're an asshole driver who thinks the shoulder is a lane...

Passing on the shoulder. WCGW?

RIP back windshield.

Yes! YES!!!

Tasty until you realize you're on television.

Cameraman knew what's going to happen

Me pretending like I'm athletic.

Tire to backflip off the tree

All for a Natty Lite.

WCGW if I stand on a roof and catch a beer my buddy throws me from another roof

Let's say it together..."duh."

I wonder if sparklers are tasty..

I don't know what she expected.

Everybody in the water!

Anddd the hammer goes straight to the face.

Ply Climbing

Immediate and aggressive karma.

Street Fight!

I cringe for him.

Celebrated a little too early

When you just can't live without your above-ground pool...

Towing a pool, WCGW?

Some people shouldn't have a license.

Deliberately holding up traffic in the outside lane...

Wait for it...

Speeding through traffic on hillside bends, WCGW?

Turn the sound on, it's worth it :)

Enjoy filing that insurance claim.

Trying donuts on a frozen lake...

That full body whiplash.

Oppss !!! The forehead is very bad ।

Logically, golf courses don't need their ponds to be more than a foot deep.

Note to myself...

A fight to the death...well, at least to the concussion.

I challenge you to a duel of the table tops!

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