When You Put When Your Best Attempt Forward But Still Fail In Every Way Possible

Uncategory May 11, 2018 09:00

When you try to insult gay men but they're too quick for you.

Ah, the homophobe getting roasted....

You tried. You failed.

One day!

"Teach me how."

The effort was there.

Police trying to chase down a red light runner

Can't blame him for trying.

nice car u got there


Honest question, asshole answers.

What, you wanted REAL effort from a cat?

He tried sooo hard..


Doggo trying to be serious and failing miserably.... :P

What did you expect?


Because the CIA reads every text.

Can't a guy get a handy for the attempt?

Hey Girls, wanna see me back-flip?


The goodest hider

An easy plan that apparently has some difficult execution.


Who knew getting out on the right side of bed was so hard?

Double trouble

He's willing to settle.

"Ah, the floor is just as good."

Stealing is fun when you aren't incompetent.

HMB while i steal thoses beers

When you try to get laid but she gives you a fake number.

Ryan Seacret attempts to high-five a blind guy.

To high five a blind guy

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Worst. Game. Ever.

Boop gone wrong

Alllll the way!

Mind your step.


Scoring on Dwight Howard

Whatever gets your point mostly across.

Bird's gotta eat!

Kid was trying to eat a sweet roll but the bird was also hungry

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