When You Need An Easy Pick-Me-Up To Make It Through The Rest Of The Day

Uncategory Aug 23, 2018 06:00

Dads will be dads.

How to kill your kid without really trying.

I'll be Justin and Justin are proud no matter what.


You can never out-prank a dad

When life gives you floods, find yourself an innertube.

Every single dude taking photos of their girlfriends for Instagram.

Can't complain on that price.

When your kid can't even sleep right.

When your parents can't go to graduation so your friends fill in for them.

Michael B. Jordan doesn't need moves.

Darth Poo.

Where's that yodel kid when you need him?

A sure sign your mom loves you.

Hard labor for you, muggle.

Older brother aboutta lay some words on his younger sister.


"Discrete" packaging.

Do you want to get humped or stabbed?

When your boss is a savage.

Fuckin' kids.

boys will be boys


2 Dogs, 1 nut

Ohio: if you're not here, congratulations.


Reserved for fat people who like to grill.

The nicest, most uplifting story of the summer :)

Coke Zero battle cry!

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