When You Make A Poor Life Choice And Get Filled With Instant Regret

Uncategory Oct 23, 2018 11:00

No m'am, this isn't a mirror.

Using a car window as a mirror

We've all tried this at one point.

Kid attempts to cut his own hair

It's a GIANT bag too!

Mexican TV show host's sidekick has cocaine fall out of his pocket while dancing.

Brilliant until it wasn't.

Jumping a curb to skip traffic, WCGW?

Too late gotta go!

Wait, I changed my mind

Not about it.

Nope, too weird for me!

That's one smooth operator.

I could not have anticipated this........

Who knew furries had nice cars?

The girl didn't know this guy was the owner of the car.

Fits like a glove.

That's why you need the seat belt

Fear level: 100

Let's go skiing

Jesus was supposed to be a carpenter.

He Has Risen

Little too much fun for kitty.


A bit nippy out here for that, hm?

A little too cold

Fuck it.

We've all had someone or something happen on the job that makes you want to just walk away.

Apparently wolves get brain freeze too.

Aiiiee... that's cold


Pranksters use an air horn to prank a McDonald's worker, proper justice follows

He never claimed to be the smartest...

Snow idea why I did that.

The sign didn't lie.

Touch at your own risk

When you're supposed to be a water dog.

Nope, nope, nope!

Grandpa does not fuck around.

Two guys try to rob an elderly man

That did not go to plan.

Let's slap this little puppy.

You can join him down there on your own butt too!

It's not always like the movies.

The face of instant regret

Gee whiz, I remember my first shot too.

"Blow that out"......."Naaaah"

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