When You Love All Animals But Gotta Admit Some Are Dumber Than Others

Uncategory Oct 18, 2018 09:00

#HotTip for anyone out there!

He lays there to panhandle for belly rubs.

Dog asks for belly rubs.

Fierce predator he is not.

Fox getting startled by a tiny bun.

Your tax dollars at work.

You might be cool, but you'll never be turtle on the back of a crocodile cool.


Canadian derping.

So emotive!

How much do you like belly rubs? THIS MUCH!

Close enough.

Black Kitty is over this shit.

Polar Bears are the only animals that hunt humans.

Smart, but the thumbs aren't there.

How to pick up ball?

It's all about the effort, not the victory.

Fight the good fight

Great, now I want one too.

A girl and her otter.

That doesn't look comfortable.

So gentle!

To be fair, what sort of sociopath stacks their bottles like this?

and i thought cats were weird

If this didn't make you smile you might wanna check your pulse.

This is why your water bill is $600 higher than last month.

As long as SOMEBODY is amused...

me after seeing the dentist

No one said he was the brightest.

Such happy dental problems.

Sneakin' around...

Got 'em!

It's not as bad as it looks.

At first I thought what savage would do this?

If it fits I sits.

that's one BIG ball of fluff !!

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