When You Look Like A Saint Because You're Surrounded By The Worst People In The World

Uncategory Sep 04, 2018 06:00

Just gross.

Mom's like to party, too.

The trashiest form of littering.

Sheriff looking for people seen dumping trash in wildlife preserve

People can be so stupid.

Trash left behind after a music festival.

Nobody needs that many kids.

True entrepreneurial spirit.

Your engagement blowjob photo is not clever.


Entitled customer complaints.

99.999% of Tinder profiles in Berlin feature the wall.

"Have you made any new friends at college?" "Well..."

"Local guide."

Fuck the environment, right?

There's a fence around it for a reason, lady...

The worst of the worst.

Gotta make money somehow.

True love.

You really needed to add the emoji?

A real talent.

Seems like a "you" problem.

People suck.

This is why we can't have nice things.

When Dad follows you on Twitter.

No racist wedding for you!

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