When You Lie To Try And Sound Cool But Then The Whole Internet Calls You On Your BS

Uncategory Apr 25, 2018 09:00

Stupidity is genetic.

Dammit Rory!!

"It's YOUR fault that I'M a fuckup!"

Because mom is a LIAR.

Owned by a taco shop.

Nice one Cold Stone.

Probably shouldn't be having kids anyway.

Why lie?

Some people care too much about invisible Internet points.

Russell Crowe is not up for your shit today.

The Devil's stalk.

Not even a believable story.

"MOMMMM quit jackin' mah steez!!"


Why yes, yes he did!

When you fake-burn your One Direction tickets...

Dude cropped himself into the photo.

Not a fan of Vice, but when you're right you're right.

Can't blame them for thinking it though!

Fake news.

heh fake news

Life finds a way.

Definitely not the reaction she wanted.

Quit your bitching.

Salty much?

"Says she can say the “N-word” because her dad is black. Gets called out by another user."

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