When You Hide Your Monitor At Work Because It's Time For DANK MEMES

Uncategory Sep 28, 2018 06:00

Peta: Always shooting themselves in the foot

No, neither of us are the first persons to think this.

Moth memes are on the rise.

Europe's always gotta be blowin' shit up.

I'd pick Danny Devito over Lara Croft any day, Danny is a goddamn national treasure.

Something we can all agree on.

Tin Tin is shockingly racist at many points.

For a billionaire, Elon Musk sure doesn't know how to read.

Here, have some polio.

10 Questions "Science" Can't Answer

Always in the grocery store.

Y'all are just paying more for the same goddamn thing.

He's gotta learn some day.

Why call when you could text?

Thanks for nothing, asshole.

Waluigi is seriously underrated.

No one appreciates variety anymore.



Flex on the haters.

Both are garbage.

Netflix has the hits...and the misses, too.


It's unbearable at best.

Mind = blown.

Ladies love Bionicles.

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