When You Have Zero Useful Skills But At Least You’re Entertaining

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A+ handstand madam!

Girl does a pretty good handlebar handstand.

Did you notice Jon Cena? No? It's because he's invisible.

"You can't see me."

I'm going to see this before I die in my next nightmare.

Call the priest

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

You got your way, I got mine. --Girl

Her first successful multi-beer run!

She had her first successful multi-beer run.


"Excuse me, where did you get such a nice bag?"


Katelyn Ohashi Split Bounce.


300 Yard Egg Shot With 22

She's so proud!


-Jaw drops-

backflips on ice

When you train your goat to be a dog.

Girl Demonstrates Awesome Dog-Like Tricks She Has Taught Her Goats

Multitasking at its finest.

When ball is life

Quick save!

Those breakdance classes were worth every penny.

So that's how that works...

Never tell a woman eating ice cream will make her fat

Whatever gets you drinking!

Trying to open a beer with her uncalibrated bionic arm

Canal jumping is a traditional Dutch sport.

Awesome canal jump (fierljepp) by Dutch girl



From "Ukraine's Got Talent."

Amazing Chair Balance

She's technically tracing and yet I still can't trace half as well.


You think she works out at all?

Stefi Cohen dead-lifts 525lbs

Sorry dude, but she looks better doing it than you do.

Flips and splits

A good cosplay is always worth looking at.

League of Legends Katarina Transformation by Kitty Chamallow

Useful skill? No. Great for a gif? Yes.

Taking a casual stroll through a backflip

That's one way to score under par.

Tania Tare is a woman of many talents



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