When You Have Zero Dating Game But Try Your Hardest Anyway

Uncategory Aug 22, 2018 06:00

Starting out extra pathetic.

There were no survivors

Maybe try being uglier.

Can't win.

That went well.

Genius move, or idiot at work?


She sounds insecure.


Mom's got ideas. They're not good, but she's got them.

This is why she's always single.

He's looking at memes you stupid bimbo.

She ate THREE in one sitting???

The irony clearly escapes her.

It never works.

Are you saying you DIDN'T take a spoony head photo yesterday...?

No shit they're getting dates, they're saying yes to literally ANYBODY.

Not how life works.



She sounds fun.


And that's how you get dumped during your first month at college.

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