When You Have To See The Humor In Life Just To Keep Yourself From Crying 24/7

Uncategory Apr 18, 2018 10:00

Stupid grammar.

The solution isn't simple, but what's going on isn't acceptable either.

Future CIA operative here.

-Taps forehead-

Thanks Amber

She is not wrong.

But that would require taxes to increase so noOoOoOooOOOoo.


I would've attended :(

"We threw a gender reveal party for my brother and SIL. My niece really wanted a little sister."

That pot is pretty sick.

What about a short term commitment, do I have to worry about that too?

Hard life.

The prison system in the US is pretty fucked, even without throwing $75 around.


Gotta get those likes somehow!


"Why don't you just try being happier?"

Younger brother reflexes.

He was most definitely a younger sibling

Pharmacy sign doesn't inspire much confidence...

Parking at the liquor store.

No friends? No problem!


The post office never sleeps.

Mailman dedication.

She's trying!

When your kids refuse to give you grandchildren.

When your offspring refuse to give you grandchildren

Worked like a charm.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

The future is now!

Notice he's cooking boxed cereal on the stove too.

And he never noticed the smell?

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