When You Have A Stupid Idea And Can’t Understand Why It Blew Up In Your Face

Uncategory Apr 17, 2018 12:00

Sly bastard.

The Fox

What is this "rear view mirror" you speak of?

How would you react to this ?

The bully gets bullied!

Bully Gets His

That didn't go according to plan at all.

Road Rage... Biker Wins

Heavy on the gas, light on the brains.

Using gasoline to light a fire, WCGW?

To be fair, I could see myself trying this too.

Oh, yay! A fountain!

Impatient driver is apparently also blind.

Impatient driver gets what he deserves

Protip: don't kick cops in the dick.

Kicking it with the cops

Running from the cops generally only ends in one result.

♫ Takin' my van downtown, cops car pass, shit my pants and I'm home-bound ♫

Trying to get that sweet, sweet insurance payout.

Insurance scammer gets what he deserves

At least it looked like a shitty laptop.

I'm going to produce music in my lap near water, wcgw?

What kid doesn't like the Easter Bunny?

Bad bunny


Can’t be arrested for possession if there isn't any evidence.

You'd think it's a numbers game, but it really isn't.

Two against one, WCGW?


Guy wheelies into cop car

Palms got sweaty watching this holy shit.

K I N G B O Y E says hi to his long fren

Fuck stools.

Climbing the shelves instead of using a stool wcgw.

Needs more attempted manslaughter.

One shoe lost = only half dead

Swift, swift justice.

Let me just hit and run wCGW

Goddamn house jumped out of nowhere!!!

To cooler for school

Somewhere out there Johnny Knoxville is embarrassed for them.

Jumping on two table from the roof with a bike, WCGW?

The quickest way to identify an asshole.

WCGW if I use the shoulder as a passing lane

Windmills are not friends.

Getting up close and personal with a windmill wcgw.


Man steals stuff from a car. Doesn't get far.

We all saw that coming.

Face plant

Should've taken the stairs.

I'm gonna jump off this house wcgw.

Lil' bitch.

Dumbfuck gets what he deserves...

Killin' it!

Well they almost made it

Wait for it.


This is why you're not supposed to run at the pool.

3rd time's the charm

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