When You Get Secondhand Embarrassment From Someone Living The Cringiest Life Possible

Uncategory Apr 27, 2018 09:00

That hurt to read.

He expected this to work?


Fake baby talk sounds good on no one.

Not appropriate.

I hope this kid finds real friends one day.

Probably because she doesn't want them.

Creepy AF.



Some women suck.

182 likes? Damn.

That's not a real fucking baby.

"Asked a waiter for his number and he gave me a fake one. Now I can never go back to that Olive Garden."


What the actual fuck.

You ARE a 30-year-old who can't do that.

"I'm a manager at Taco Bell and one of our employees was writing this on the boxes before giving them out."

Sad truths for sad lives.

Keep your honesty to yourself!

The easter bunny waiting for kids who will never come at a local failing mall.

When you hope it's a joke but you never know with the Internet...

Someone paid extra for that -- EXTRA.

Hope you like child-sized caskets more than vaccinating your kids!

Can't beat that price though!

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