When You Forgot To Take The Trash Out So It Wanders Into Your House Instead

Uncategory Oct 29, 2018 06:00

Hope the neighbor saw this.

Bragging about stealing on social media

That's just depressing.

Parole or tape roll

When social media blew up after the dad posted this picture, he tried to say he just threw the costume together 'last minute.'

Beyonce does not bargain with terrorists.

He's a teacher.

When you follow someone for 10 miles down the highway just to give them a passive-aggressive note.

Maybe she is.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is about to be back in jail.

So much trash in one photo.

Ok but where's Dad??!?!

A cake seems like a fair apology for several felonies.

Control your fucking kids.

The south is dead, quit trying to zombie it back to life.


What the actual fuck.


Poor kid :(

The Halloween costumes are coming!

Lucky kid.

You could've done it without the blackface...


That house will give you hep C upon walking through the front door.

Don't adopt pets if you're going to be a piece of shit human being.

People suck.

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