When You Finally Start Recycling Because You Can't Stand All The Trash Everywhere

Uncategory Oct 01, 2018 06:00

Many adults in Hollywood have a sick fascination with children.

When you dropped out of your home school in the 5th grade.

Gotta wear your finest dress to your kid's school function!

Smart guy with deep wallets.

And this is why our kids have gotten substantially dumber.


You're welcome :)

Steelers fans being great parents.

Bet you didn't even notice the oversized "child" in the cart.

When you live with a smoker and take down all the paintings.

Words to live by.

Because smoking outside is just too hard.

I wouldn't take a Bill Cosby even if it wasn't free.

When it's so small you need a sign to help you find your dick.

I call him "Dad," personally, but if you wanna throw in the extra "-dy" then by all means.

When you don't know if Wednesday is gonna feel as racist as Tuesday.



Next girl is gonna put a thumb in HIS ass.

Some people just suck.

"House rules."

Best behave or you get the whip too.

If you have to ask...


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