When You Feel Bad About Yourself But Start Feeling Better Once You See How Trashy People Can Get

Uncategory Jun 18, 2018 09:00

This sort of justice needs to happen more often.

A fellow bartender from work just sent this to me.

What a steal!!

Blowout Prices!!

Nothing like the smell of incest in the morning.

Brotherly Loved.

The football, noose and tree really make this special.

They said her birth was a real grand slam.

Don't leave your kids here.

Dude's a catch.

When you leave a tomato in the furniture at Walmart.

Guy can't even be bothered to take his dog out so it has to shit on the porch :(

Killing it.

Posting your dead baby for likes, welcome to 2018.

Gee whiz you really showed him!


That's not healthy.


Behaving at the Holocaust museum...

A match made in heaven.

Sadly, Snopes confirmed this letter was real.

Seems legit.


Not short enough.


A classy dinner at a prestigious school is not the time to whip your tits out in the name of feminism.

White trash glamour shots never disappoint.


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