When You Expect The Unexpected Because Every Day Is ‘WTF?’ Day In Russia

Uncategory May 01, 2018 09:00

Casual Friday in Russia.

So environmentally friendly!

Oink oink.

Gotta cook your food somehow!

Heating up a sub with electricity

Just trying to find his place among the stars.


"Custom" printed bag.

Fixing a historial bridge in Kaliningrad.

Come on in, the water is frigid.

Gotta love yourself some athletic brands.

The most slav ring I have ever seen

"Can you remember where we parked?"


If there's a market for it, well...

Whatever gets you through the work day.

Charlie Woke Up A Bit Confused

Signs you are in the hood.

The most Russian thing in here.

When you have zero dollars, one iron and no door handle.


Katya's game is strong too

Seems like a good spot to grow potatoes.

Farming...you’re doing it wrong!!!

You think they go to the same mechanic?

"No airbag, we die like men."

Mazel Tov.

Setting the youth of tomorrow up for success.

What, you don't carry around a portrait of Putin with you everywhere you go?

Grandma doesn't fuck around.

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