When You Expect The Unexpected And It Still Manages To Surprise You Anyway

Uncategory Oct 04, 2018 11:00

Starting off HOT!

Gordon Ramsay

Dammit Dave, you always gotta ruin every photo!

Everyone has that one friend.

And down she goes!


A very good use of Google Earth.

Maybe next time.

run Forrest run

Just never go outside and you won't ever have this problem.

Snake and Bird work together to fuck up someone's day.

Good kitty.

Nature be scary.

This is for those of you who thought the octopus was a master of disguise.

I'll call it a walk.

Batter breaks his own bat from swinging so hard.

Food over everything.

My type of girl

At least she's still afloat.

Stealth level: 100

Yeah, fuck running!!


Surprise, it's DOG!

Wiener in 3...2...1...

Always late.

Late for the train.

Dude was prepared.

When you get caught in a kiss cam.

Was expecting dog, instead got...

You called?

She's a heavy drinker.

Screw kids, catch the surf!

Granny is a pro!

Sick spin...

Just keep them closed.

Close the blast doors

Interesting approach, I'd never thought of it that way.

How to survive a knife attack

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