When You Decide To Tackle Some Home Improvement Projects But Forgot You're Incompetent

Uncategory Oct 16, 2018 11:00

Who would buy this?

Saw this ford fiesta truck on eBay, easily the worst conversion I've ever seen.

A lot of work when you could just buy a lawn chair.

Natural Chair

Got the stretch version.

Hmm ?

That's not how this works...

No one likes pickles this much.

Nobody asked for this.

Or just take the tube...

Happy October y'all.

Trash pumpkin!

"Apple? Yeah, I've got the next big Macbook..."

This does not look comfortable.

No desk drawer? Get yourself a cardboard box and some tape!

Supports? Who needs supports?

This was not a good idea.

Do less ya hardo.

Any takers?

Sometimes the easiest solution is the trashiest.

Stop it.

World's most expensive bowl.

Sick ride, guy.

Just another reason why no one should ever share anything over social media.

How very Slav.

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