When You Decide To Quit Trying At Life And Do Whatever The Hell You Want

Uncategory Jun 11, 2018 09:00

The south isn't rising again anywhere with people like this.

The bride and her bridesmaids

No car? No problem!

HMF while I pull her with my rascal

Kid could've probably done without that birthday wish.

She put him on blast!

Whoever did this is a REAL piece of shit.

Kid who runs a meme Instagram account gets hurt, so of course his followers act like douchebags.

Mike's Hard: great for developing livers!

Harley Quinn would be embarrassed.

Spotted in Oklahoma.

The perfect wedding only costs a low $19.99 at Walmart!

Dildo cleavage waddup.

At least they know how to improvise.

And this is probably why you're in the hospital.

Why does she look 14 and he look 41...

Hope he doesn't have any daughters...

When you REALLY understand the market you're in!

If you choose to leave the house like this you can't get mad when people take photos.

Southern Oregon prom.

I've met three vegans in my life and so far they've all sucked.

Pulling out money to buy pants, I hope.

Supposedly she's 19.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Responding to a tweet AFTER he dies because you're a little punk bitch.

High school maternity shoot.


Does Jennifer live at the Dollar General or something?

Thankfully, he did not win.

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