When You Act Super Tough But Cry When You Get A Paper Cut

Uncategory Oct 31, 2018 11:00


First day of concealed carry class

Wonder if he died in the hurricane...

From a live stream of Hurricane Florence...

When you post dumb shit on Instagram so your unit commander prints it out and frames it.


Overcompensating in its purest form.

Real hard, huh?

How about we just don't beat up anybody?


I bet he has a GIANT dick too.

So impressive.

The fuck is wrong with people...

That totally happened.

Biceps made of pudding.

Yep 100% not lying.

I think he just threatened to suck his dick.

Yeah, I don't like seeing ugly shit when I wake up in the middle of the night.

68,000 likes for being the asshole who tried playing music ON A PLANE without wearing headphones...

I don't understand who the 'Thanks Asshole' is directed towards, if he's the one who used all the gas...

Always be prepared.

So...you gonna send some nudes?

Oh my god I am so sad for the human race after reading this.

Pretty sure ISIS uses guns, so weird flex but okay.

Only a basement-dwelling Internet troll would use a little kid crying to make himself look 'tough.'

I quit. The world isn't worth saving.

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