When There's Dirt Everywhere And You Can't Wait To Take Out The Trash

Uncategory Jul 02, 2018 09:00

Another mystery solved.

Even kitty's gotta de-stress somehow.

She let the dog shit in the airport, then didn't clean it up.

Hate to see what he did when he moved into his new house.

Whatever pays the bills.

The worst kind of people.

When you stop paying your landscaper.

So proud to be a litterbug.

Spotted at Electric Forest.


Not surprisingly, she's at Little Caesar's.

Notice how she's not wearing it in public.

Genius at work.


Tourists in DC are the worst...well, tourists anywhere are the worst.

"Burn" means this girl has an STD and she's offering to pass it to other people as revenge.

There are better places to pee...

Always a classic.

Hard to believe this isn't an ironic photo.

THAT neighbor...

You can do whatever you want in life UNTIL you get a handlebar tramp stamp...

Just poor taste.

A good insult to save for later.


There's a proud father somewhere and that's even sadder.

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