When The World Spits In Your Face And You Spit Right Back At It

Uncategory Oct 24, 2018 06:00

He must've been REALLY bored.

How could thumbone be so stupid?

When the hits keep coming and they don't stop coming.

money shot

That's what insurance is for.

Golfer’s club breaks over his shoulder and gets launched into the crowd.

Turns out she was completely right.

Best teacher ever.

Some people can't win. Ever.

Dying is cheaper.

Smooth like gravel.

When you're a boat captain and she asks you to do a barrel roll.

Boat vs wave

Needs more practice.

Wild animals are not friends, especially in Australia!

Australian Road Demon

Nailed it.

What was the point in the post if you're gonna scratch everything ELSE.

When you find a fox got stuck in the walls of your house.

Keyed his car with a friggin' machete.

Found at the 'arrivals' part of the airport -- clearly something did not go to plan.

A true tragedy.

Achievement = unlocked!

Just leave it there forever.

I'd expect nothing less.

Don't help, just film!

The class of 97 hates trees.

Sorry, class of 97

Incompetence knows no bounds.

"You had one job!"

Popping an exercise ball can lead to broken bones, so be careful!

Stumbling across a gif of yourself on the front page of imgur is weird, especially when there are people shipping you and your best friend in the comments.

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