When The Work Week Is Finally Over And It's Time For DANK MEMES

Uncategory Sep 14, 2018 06:31

The worst!

Gettin' wild.

They shouldn't be allowed to vote either.

Mom's spaghetti.

Gotta work around it somehow...


Sounds cheaper than the current method.

Making God dab on 'em.


The EU will probably have to backtrack at some point.

The master builders.

We need this bar used more often.


No matter how many years pass, MS Paint is still the shit.

He's not wrong.

Gotta find some bullshit so they can make the kids write an essay on it.

The circle of life.

Like a fuckin' ninja.

The original anti-vaxxer.

A real shame.

Fooled ya!

They've got their own problems.

And up it goes!

Well yeah, people like rats more than orphans.

And they're all wearing cargo shorts with KEDS.

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